virtual residency #1
artist: TeriAnn White
project title: 
host: trAce
From family history to social history, my interest is in the material that sits on the margins: the unspoken and generally unwritten histories of people who inhabited marginal spaces within this society. 
virtual residency #2
artist: Keith Netto's.
project title: sonicform
conceived as an online collaborative evolutionary environment, a place in which groups of people could sculpt discrete sound fragments into a continuous, ever-changing sonic fabric. 
deep immersion: creative collaboration
ANAT has developed a series of "virtual residencies" over the last year, which have forged links between a number of Australian artists and a diverse range of net smart cultural sites.
virtual residency #3
artist/s: low key operations + nude productions
project title: please press play
host: AltX
Audio URL: Real Audio
please press play addresses the interaction of electronic and organic sound and the intersection between audio and text.
virtual residency #4
artist: elendil
project title: Glyph
host: System X
co-host: farmersmanual
supported by: silverserver and VBS
Glyph is an experiment with meaning and its portrayal which attempts to break down rational language structures by constructing an iconographic vocabluary in an online workspace. 

Project Info Media Coverage and Press Releases

Articles in previous ANAT Newsletters
    Newsletter #36, February 1999 
    Update # 6
    Five writers have been commisioned to explore and critique the processes involved in the four residencies undertaken as part of the project.

    Newsletter #35, December 1998 
    Update # 5
    On October 23rd ANAT held two launches at the Mercury Cinema in Adelaide, combined with an online net broadcast.

    Newsletter #34, September 1998 
    Update # 4
    Announcing the launch of the works and project updates from Michael Hogg and Claire McGrogan, elendil and Keith Netto

    Newsletter #33, May /July 1998 
    Update # 3
    The final two residencies are announced, Michael Hogg and Claire McGrogan will do their online residency at AltX, and elendil will do his residency at System X. Project update from Keith Netto

    Newsletter #32, January 1998
    Update # 2
    Keith Netto is announced as the second online residency at <EMG>
    Stories by Terri-ann White (Writing Feature)

    Newsletter #31, November 1997
    Update #1
    Terri-ann White is announced as the first online residency at trAce, and talks about her project

    Newsletter #29, May 1997
    Project Announcement